Sunday Sobremesa #3: Foods you swore you’d never like (but now do)

Drip coffee from a brunch trip back in the US

Welcome to Sunday Sobremesa, a bimonthly thread to discuss food and culture while sipping on a café americano (or un gin tonic1, if that’s more your style!).

Earlier in the week I talked about gazpacho, which I actually kind of hated at first but now love. Writing the newsletter made me think about how our tastes van cambiando2 over the years. Since I was a picky eater as a child, I have a whole list of things that I swore I would never, ever eat but now do. Some of them I trained myself to appreciate (like mushrooms), but others just happened naturally (like black coffee, olives, and mustard—minus yellow mustard and honey mustard, which I still can’t stand).

How have you gotten more gastronomically adventurous over the years? Is there something that you swore you’d never eat—either as a child or as an adult—but now enjoy?

I’m excited to hear how your tastes have evolved! See you in the comments!


Un gin tonic: A gin and tonic. You probably figured that out on your own, but I’ve always found it curious that it’s called a gin tonic here instead of a gin y tonic, which would be the direct translation.


Van cambiando: Change. Cambiar is the verb meaning to change; van cambiando emphasizes the fact that they are continuously changing.