Sunday Sobremesa #2: What’s your favorite food you’ve eaten while on vacation?

Spectacular croissant and americano from Récit de Voyage in Saint-Malo from our trip there in February

Welcome to Sunday Sobremesa, a bimonthly thread to discuss food and culture while sipping on a café americano (or crema de orujo1, if that’s more your style!).

In honor of our trip to Paris this weekend, let’s talk about vacation foods! Traveling usually allows us to try something we either wouldn’t usually eat or can’t easily get in el día a día.2 That can mean different things to different people: maybe it’s trying an entirely different cuisine, or maybe it’s as simple as eating seafood at the beach when you’re landlocked the rest of the year.

What’s your favorite food you’ve eaten while on vacation/traveling? It can either be something that you seek out time after time in a place you go regularly (like the sorbete de higo3 I’m obsessed with in Vilamoura, Portugal) or something you’ll probably never eat again (like the amazing frog legs we ate in Paris a couple of years ago in a restaurant that has since changed ownership). On the flip side, is there something that you’ve always wanted to try in a particular place but haven’t been able to yet (like pizza in Napoli, or barbecue in Texas)?

I’m excited to hear your favorites! See you in the comments!

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Crema de orujo: Orujo is a type of brandy from northeastern Spain that’s made from pomace. Crema de orujo is a milk-based liqueur that contains orujo, coffee, chocolate, and caramel or vanilla. It’s similar to Bailey’s and is usually served over ice or in a shot glass as a post-meal digestif.


El día a día: day to day life


Sorbete de higo: fig sorbet