Sunday Sobremesa #6: Do you meal plan?

Iced oat milk latte from Federal Café

Welcome to Sunday Sobremesa, a bimonthly thread to discuss food and culture while sipping on an iced oat milk latte (or tinto de verano,1 if that’s more your style!).

In Wednesday’s post I talked a bit about how meals work in our combined Spanish-American household. One thing I didn’t mention (or at least not directly) is that all of those meals get decided through the process of meal planning.

I know meal planning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it makes sense for us. Over the years I’ve grown to loathe food waste, and planning ahead definitely cuts down on things expiring or getting lost in the back of the fridge. Meal planning also makes me feel like I’m properly “adulting” (no spring mix tossed in the trash for me!). And, maybe most importantly, I genuinely enjoy doing it. There’s nothing like sitting down at the dining room table with a pile of cookbooks, approximately 79 open Safari tabs with recipes I want to try, and our shared calendar to plan out the week’s meals (or at least the meals for the next few days).

Of course, last minute things always come up and plans change. We try to leave room for flexibility, and we also usually pencil in one night a week to order in just to give ourselves a bit of a break.

How about you? Do you meal plan or prefer to play things by ear? If you do plan, do you have a certain system that you use (an app, calendar, notebook, etc)?

Just a reminder to feel free to respond to each other and even get a little tangential. The last Sunday Sobremesa started with counting cookbooks and ended up with a conversation about Cancale oysters, so by all means branch out from the topic question!

See you in the comments!

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Tinto de verano: A popular drink in Spain that’s made with red wine mixed with either soda water or lemon soda