I absolutely loved reading this - I knew literally nothing about churros other than the cliché Disneyland bit. This is so cool. Porras remind me of a Chinese dough called "Youtiao" which translates to 'fried dough.' It's a bit chewy and slightly salted and typically eaten with Chinese porridge for breakfast or dipped in sweetened soy milk, which doesn't sound the most appealing. 😅 I've only ever eaten it dry and I'm not a huge fan, but my mum loves it as it's something she ate as a child in Hong Kong.

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Divine!!! 😋

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¡Me encantan los churros y las porras! I adore churros and porras!

I was so impressed when a student from South Korea told me they also eat churros there!

I have to confess both, my son and I are chocolate lovers and from time to time go to a special "churrería" here in my city and share a fantastic cup of chocolate with churros. ¡Superior! 😀

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As a child in Mexico I remember buying them off something like a pushcart. But this was a rare and exceptional treat, not everyday.

Then we sang a silly song but I only have a fragment and probably very misspelled. Could have been a parody of a popular song:

Melodia de amor

Chicharrones de puerco

Churros a toston, grandes a million

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Do you know what? I don't think I've ever had a traditional churro. Also: interestingly I hate showing people around London and around where I live but I loved doing it in Los Angeles, because I don't think it is a great place for tourists but it is a great city to love and I always loved showing off all the locals only spots and activities!

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Loved this issue! Now I want all the churros.

Why don't we just write about churros all the time? I don't think anyone would mind.

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