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Come como Kiki is a twice weekly newsletter focused on food culture and culinary adventures. I’m Kiki, a born-and-bred Virginian now living in Madrid, Spain. As a child, my highly-refined taste leaned more toward peanut butter sandwiches and corn dogs, but over the years I’ve slowly blossomed into an adventurous eater with a mission to make up for all of my lost time only eating chicken nuggets (confession: I still love a good chicken tender).

Food is an integral part of our lives, whether we’re preparing it, eating it, or socializing over it. The purpose of this newsletter is to share culinary successes and mishaps, discuss food culture through the lens of an American living in Spain, and at times delve into deeper topics such as food morality and inequality.

Each week, you can expect one post focused on a particular recipe, cooking technique, or food tradition as well as a Friday Favorites post recapping a few of my favorite things from the week. Every other week join me for a Sunday Sobremesa2 in the comments, where we’ll chat about a particular theme related to food.

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Eat like Kiki, pronounced in Spanish as ˈko.meˈco.moˈki.ki


That time after a meal when you chat with friends/family. Usually accompanied by coffee, copas, and/or “solving the world’s problems” as David likes to say.




The more, the merrier!

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Come como Kiki (ˈko.meˈco.moˈki.ki): Eat like Kiki